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Slovenia for tourists

On twenty thousand square kilometers we place the Alps, add the Adriatic sea and lakes of crystal transparency, plant dense forests – we get Slovenia. A small but very proud country. Castles and rich architecture of the cities attract curious tourists from all over the world, and the riot of colors of nature and relief does not allow fans to sleep long walks and extreme sports.

Home in Slovenia – Ljubljana, its capital. Stands on the river Ljubljana, thanks to which it looks as if you are old friends with her. Explore the city start with the square presherna – ruled by the ball style secession, and a meeting of his second half appoint at the entrance of the Franciscan Church of the XVII century, it is just in pink and lovers colors. On the unusual Triple bridge go to the Old town, wander through its streets and yawn in the squares, but do not forget to go to the castle on the hill. The climb for weary travellers on the cable car or 150 steps for those who have the spirit more cheerful.

From Ljubljana for a couple of hours you can get to any corner of the country. We move in the direction of bled. It is the most visited resort in Slovenia with an emerald-coloured lake and an ancient castle on top of a 130-metre cliff. In the lake you can swim or ride on it on a boat, which is called pletna and resembles a Venetian gondola. On it you can get to the treasure in the center of the pond – the island of bled. It is crowned by the Church of the assumption of the XVII century and the bell tower is even older. Ring the bell and make a wish!

Slovenia is a land of caves. The biggest of them is the pit, entered in UNESCO. On the train that descends and returns to the ground, breathtaking. In one of the halls of the cave even give concerts at Christmas. In General, to see the Postojna and… No, dying is not necessary, just dress warmer. Predjama Castle, a castle built into a cliff, is just 7 km away. As expected, with secret rooms, underground passages and jousting tournament in August.

Triglav national Park meets about 2.5 million tourists a year. Three peaks are a symbol of Slovenia and are imprinted on the national flag. Every self-respecting resident of the country must conquer this height of 2864 m. We do not have to climb, we can enjoy walking or Cycling in the summer, and in winter – skiing. By the way, the pearl of the Park is lake Bohinj, unlike bled almost untouched by civilization.

If you are already going to fly on the next flight, check the availability of a visa, a member country of the Schengen agreement. And get ready to fall in love, Slovenia is a special feeling.