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Beautiful country for playing Golf

There can be no doubt that Slovenia is a very beautiful and developed European country. Every year its territory is visited by millions of tourists, each of whom finds interesting entertainment. Among all the existing proposals can be safely identified Golf. Fans of this aristocratic game are usually sent to Slovenia in mid-spring. It is at this time of the year that the forests, which are spread over most of the state, are covered with green foliage. On the sidelines, meanwhile, finally appear the long-awaited emergence.

General information

Today, Slovenia is clearly not among the poorest countries. Its economic system is characterized by stability. But the main property of the Republic is the tremendous wealth of nature. Only the share of the protected area is 36% of the total territory of the country. In different parts of Slovenia you can find thermal and mineral springs. Tourists can safely use tap water, because it will be perfectly clean. We can say that green is unofficially considered the main color of Slovenia. All this thanks to the natural beauty.
Today, it is very easy to get to the described Paradise, located within the EU. From Moscow you can fly directly to Ljubljana. Due to the fact that the area of Slovenia is small, from the capital in a very short period of time you can get to any point of interest.

The most famous Slovenian Golf clubs

In the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana there are also great places for Golf fans. First of all, we are talking about the stunning Diners CUBO Golf course Ljubljana, which is a 15-minute drive from the capital. This club follows historical traditions and modern trends, being a high-tech and cozy suburban Golf club, an ideal place to play Golf at the highest level, for international competitions. Untouched Alpine nature, perfect design 18-hole course, Golf Academy, gourmet restaurant “Evergreen” – thanks to this club is so popular far beyond Slovenia. By the way, the chef of the restaurant Evergreen received the Gault & Millau Slovenia 2019 award in the nomination Young Talent 2019. Next to the club, the construction of a complex of high-class villas CUBO Village is being completed. It will finally make Diners CUBO Golf course Ljubljana a unique object of attraction for professionals and Golf lovers. The quality of greens and fairways is also at a high level. Even the holes attract the attention of the players with their diversity and picturesqueness. Players from different countries get pleasure from incredibly pure Alpine air and charming surrounding nature.

Experienced golfers will say with confidence that they are attracted by the city of Bled in Slovenia, there is also an ideal infrastructure for the game. This locality is located just half an hour drive from the airport, making it very easy to get to it. It should be understood that we are talking about an elite resort in the country. Status of Bled can be compared to nice, France or Miami in the USA.
On the territory of the city is the oldest and most important Golf course. Tourists go to the Royal Bled Golf Club, which includes two courses. One of them consists of 9, and the second of 18 holes. Both of them were built at the end of the last century.
In General, we can say that Golf in Slovenia is well developed largely thanks to this city. There are ideal conditions for the appropriate game. In addition, the cost of recreation in the presented city of the region will not be too high. In this regard, Bled is much superior to the same nice or any other famous resort in Europe.
Some players may be confused by the fact that the Golf course in Bled is located in the foothills of the Alps. However, do not worry, because the relief of the object is characterized by an almost perfect plane. Due to this circumstance, players can easily walk across the field. On a large field there are no water barriers, but the greens are protected by numerous traps of sand. There is also a great local restaurant, where you can eat at any time.
It is also worth telling about the 18-moon Arboretum Golf Course. It got its own name due to the nearby arboretum, which is incredibly popular among tourists. The described field attracts attention due to the presence of an equal number of women’s and men’s playgrounds on each hole.

You will have to drive from Ljubljana in 50 minutes to get to Otocec Golf Course. The fact that Slovenia is an ideal country for Golf is confirmed by the periodic appearance of new courses. It’s about one of those. In addition to the unique surrounding nature, very close to this object is the building of the world famous pharmaceutical company KRKA, and this is a real masterpiece of architecture.
Just 30 minutes ‘ drive of this field is another similar object Mokrice Castle Golf Saige. The clubhouse in this case is located in an ancient castle. Especially for the players were developed original rooms. They are located in the farm buildings, which were nicely renovated. It is on this field that professional Golf tournaments are regularly held. It is not only about national adult tournaments, but also about Junior and veteran competitions.
For the sport fighting the best fit field, A Golf Olimje. This object is quite small, but it is in a cozy place. Players in their free time can enjoy the beautiful views that meet them everywhere.

In General, it can be noted that the architects of Golf clubs in Slovenia received an excellent opportunity to show their incredible talents. They do not have to cope with tons of excess soil or bring greens to the selected object. Instead, all this has been done by nature itself.