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The beautiful Slovenia

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One of the most significant centers of European tourism is the
Republic of Slovenia.

It is a hospitable, multicultural, progressive and safe country that considers tourism one of the main directions of its development. At the state level adopted scenario program of the accelerated development of tourism in Slovenia until 2021.

The share of foreign tourists is steadily increasing and now reaches 70%. The most popular were mountain resorts. It is also noted that for tourists all more often choose hotels as a means of accommodation.

I Feel Sloveina

Slovenia is the only country in the world that offers to explore the lifestyle of the Mediterranean, the Alps or the mid-Danube plain in a small area in the heart of Europe.
Ecology, healthy lifestyle, continuous development – these are the foundations of Slovenian tourism, where all stakeholders strive for their ideals, support the protection of natural and cultural wealth, the heritage of the country, changing the approach to the values of tourism.

  • Slovenia is an absolutely safe country (7th place in the world, Global Peace Index, 2017).
  • Slovenia ranks third in Europe after Finland and Sweden by forest area (World Bank, 2016)
  • Ljubljana - The Green Capital of Europe (2016)

Multi-faceted Slovenia

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